2008 RSVP List for ACHA Annual Meeting

as of 04-04-2008

# Division School Name Name Role with Team Voting
1 ACHA ACHA Marshall Stevenson President Yes
2 ACHA ACHA Brian Moran Men's Division 1 Commissioner/Treasurer Yes
3 ACHA ACHA Hall of Fame Joe Battisa Hall of Fame Inductee No
4 ACHA ACHA Hall of Fame Jesse Hubenschmidt Hall of Fame Inductee No
5 ACHA ACHA Hall of Fame Jennifer Hubenschmidt Hall of Fame Inductee No
6 ACHA ACHA Hall of Fame Heidi Battista HOF Guest No
7 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 1 Bill Shannon Men's Division 1 Vice-President Yes
8 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 1 Referee Supervisor Dan Monacelli Men's Division 1 Referee Supervisor No
9 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 2 Paul Hebert Men's Division 2 Vice-President Yes
10 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 2 Mike Radakovich Men's Division 2 Commissioner No
11 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 3 Sam Kelly Men's Division 3 Vice-President Yes
12 ACHA ACHA Men's Division 3 Sarge Day South Regional Coordinator No
13 ACHA ACHA Referee-in-Chief Shane Hanlon Referee-in-Chief No
14 ACHA ACHA Representative to USA Hockey Ken Fikis USA Hockey Rep No
15 ACHA ACHA Secretary Jim Martin Secretary Yes
16 ACHA ACHA Women's Division John Burke Women's Division Vice-President Yes
17 ACHA ACHA Women's Division Erin Russ Women's Division Commissioner No
18 ACHA USA Hockey Ashley Bevan Guest No
19 ACHA USA Hockey John Beadle Guest No
20 ACHA USA Hockey Dave Ogrean Guest No
21 M1 Adrian College Mike Buchan Head Coach Yes
22 M1 Adrian College Sean Walsh Assistant Coach No
23 M1 Adrian College Todd Mittelmeier Assistant Athletic Director No
24 M1 Canton, State University of New York Eric McCambly Head Coach No
25 M1 Central Oklahoma, University of Craig McAllister Head Coach Yes
26 M1 Central Oklahoma, University of Steve Gordon General Manager No
27 M1 Delaware, University of Mike DeAngelis Head Coach Yes
28 M1 Delaware, University of Joe Azzarello Assistant Coach No
29 M1 Drexel University Gregg Marinari Head Coach Yes
30 M1 Duquesne University Dave Fryer Head Coach Yes
31 M1 Illinois, University of Chad Cassel Head Coach Yes
32 M1 Illinois, University of Darin Trulock Head Coach Yes
33 M1 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dan Hestin Head Coach Yes
34 M1 Iowa State University Alan Murdoch Head Coach Yes
35 M1 Iowa State University Brian Wierson Assistant Coach No
36 M1 Iowa State University Eric Tofte Assistant Coach No
37 M1 John Carroll University Chris Wilk Head Coach Yes
38 M1 John Carroll University John Mihalik Intern No
39 M1 Kent State University Jarrett Whidden Head Coach Yes
40 M1 Lehigh University Mike Lichtenberger Head Coach Yes
41 M1 Lindenwood University Derek Schaub Head Coach Yes
42 M1 Lindenwood University Mark Turnipseed Assistant Coach No
43 M1 Mercyhurst College Tom McKinnon Head Coach Yes
44 M1 Michigan-Dearborn, University of Dave Debol Head Coach Yes
45 M1 Naval Academy, United States Jay Bijeau Assistant Coach No
46 M1 Naval Academy, United States Mike Fox Head Coach Yes
47 M1 Naval Academy, United States Dr. Donnie Horner, Jr Dir of Hockey Operations No
48 M1 Oakland University Sean Hogan Head Coach Yes
49 M1 Oakland University Shaun Zeldes General Manager No
50 M1 Oakland University J.R. Dunn Assistant Coach No
51 M1 Ohio University Dan Morris Head Coach Yes
52 M1 Ohio University Brian Gallagher Assistant Coach No
53 M1 Ohio University Stavros Paskaris Assistant Coach No
54 M1 Penn State University Scott Balboni Head Coach Yes
55 M1 Penn State University Matt Bertani Assistant Coach No
56 M1 Pennsylvania State University-Berks Gary Gill Head Coach Yes
57 M1 Pittsburgh, University of Andy Mecs General Manager Yes
58 M1 Rhode Island, University of Joe Augustine Head Coach Yes
59 M1 Robert Morris College Tom Wendlandt Dir of Hockey Operations Yes
60 M1 Robert Morris University Jason Evans Head Coach Yes
61 M1 Rutgers University Andy Gojdycz Head Coach Yes
62 M1 Rutgers University Mike DeRita Team President No
63 M1 Scranton University Bill Fitzgerald Head Coach Yes
64 M1 Stony Brook University Chris Garofalo General Manager Yes
65 M1 Towson University Jon Mahaffee Head Coach Yes
66 M1 Washington & Jefferson College Dave Crockett   Yes
67 M1 West Virginia University Jeff Anderson Head Coach Yes
68 M1 Western Michigan University Chris Slater Head Coach Yes
69 M1 Western Michigan University Greg Weessies Assistant Coach No
70 M2 California-Los Angeles, University of Mike Kelly Head Coach Yes
71 M2 Central Connecticut State University Dave Roberts   Yes
72 M2 Colorado, University of Everett Pfeiff General Manager Yes
73 M2 Connecticut, University of John Watston Head Coach Yes
74 M2 Davenport University Paul Lowden Head Coach Yes
75 M2 DePaul University Tony Capone Head Coach Yes
76 M2 Eastern Washington University Gary Braun Head Coach Yes
77 M2 Ferris State University Boots Panetta Team Representative No
78 M2 Ferris State University Kyle DePeel Head Coach Yes
79 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Matt Maida Team President Yes
80 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Richard Snizek General Manager No
81 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Alex Weisenberger Co-Head Coach No
82 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Bob Brinkworth Co-Head Coach No
83 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Evan Crawford Team Representative No
84 M2 Florida Gulf Coast University Allan Penney Team Representative No
85 M2 GNCHC/La Salle University Linda Punturiero Vice-President Yes
86 M2 Grand Valley State University Denny McLean Head Coach Yes
87 M2 Holy Cross, College of the Rob Clifford General Manager Yes
88 M2 Houston, University of Brandon Koroni Team President NO
89 M2 Illinois State University - ICEBIRDS Steve Mussey Head Coach Yes
90 M2 Illinois State University - REDBIRDS Brian Corley Head Coach Yes
91 M2 Lindenwood University Jeff Wear Assistant Coach Yes
92 M2 Long Island University-C.W. Post Mark Peters Head Coach Yes
93 M2 Marist College Bob Simmons Head Coach Yes
94 M2 Maryland-Baltimore County, University of Dan Grisanti Head Coach Yes
95 M2 Maryland-Baltimore County, University of Roy Backman Assistant Coach No
96 M2 Maryland-Baltimore County, University of Kim Becker   No
97 M2 Michigan - Flint, University of Bill Golling Head Coach Yes
98 M2 Michigan - Flint, University of Don Edwards Assistant Coach No
99 M2 Millersville University Steve Caputo Assistant Coach Yes
100 M2 Montclair State University Lee Elias Head Coach Yes
101 M2 Montclair State University Adam Elsayed Assistant Coach No
102 M2 New Hampshire, University of Jerimey Braley Head Coach Yes
103 M2 New York University Elizabeth Miller Assistant Coach Yes
104 M2 Pennsylvania State University Mike Brinton Head Coach Yes
105 M2 Pennsylvania State University Tony Rossi Team Representative No
106 M2 Rider University Les Schriber Team Representative Yes
107 M2 Robert Morris College MAROON Jim Sanchez Head Coach Yes
108 M2 Robert Morris College MAROON Bud Hickey Team Representative Yes
109 M2 Robert Morris College WHITE Lynne Wendlandt General Manager Yes
110 M2 Rowan University John Caulfield Head Coach Yes
111 M2 Rowan University Mike Husek Assistant Coach No
112 M2 Rowan University Lorri Brewer Team Coordinator No
113 M2 SECHL Paul Lloyd Commissioner No
114 M2 Siena College Lee Bormann Head Coach Yes
115 M2 Southern California , University of Mark Wilbur Head Coach Yes
116 M2 Texas - San Antonio, University of Mike Marcelissen Team President Yes
117 M2 Texas A & M University Phillip Lowery Vice-President Yes
118 M2 Texas A & M University Brian Dinkelkamp Team Representative No
119 M2 Texas Tech University Paul Fioroni Head Coach Yes
120 M2 Texas Tech University Mike Goicoechea Assistant Coach No
121 M2 Texas, University of Bob Smith Head Coach No
122 M2 Texas, University of Cameron MacDonald Assistant Coach Yes
123 M2 Utah Valley State University Matt Beaudry Head Coach Yes
124 M2 Vermont, University of Joshua Langer Head Coach Yes
125 M2 Virginia Tech University Michael Spradlin   Head Coach Yes
126 M2 Virginia Tech University David Maxey Assistant Coach No
127 M2 Wagner College Charlie Crispino Head Coach Yes
128 M2 West Virginia University Dean Lakios General Manager Yes
129 M2 Western Connecticut State University Dave Jurasek Head Coach Yes
130 M2 Wright State University Chris Sands Head Coach Yes
131 M2 Wright State University Chad Morris Assistant Coach No
132 M3 Albion College Matt Logan Head Coach Yes
133 M3 Allegheny County, Community College of Chuck Bell Athletic Director No
134 M3 Allegheny County, Community College of Marty Palma Head Coach Yes
135 M3 Blue Ridge Hockey Conference Ray Campbell Commissioner No
136 M3 California University of Pennsylvnia Justin Berger Head Coach Yes
137 M3 California University of Pennsylvnia Pat Kenny Assistant Coach No
138 M3 California University of Pennsylvnia Jamison Roth General Manager No
139 M3 Calvin College Mike Petrusma Head Coach Yes
140 M3 Calvin College Max Sieplinga Assistant Coach No
141 M3 Central Florida, University of Sean Weaver Head Coach Yes
142 M3 Central Florida, University of Russ Pittman Team President No
143 M3 Central Florida, University of Nick Weaver ? No
144 M3 Christopher Newport University Adam Shiring Vice-President Yes
145 M3 Davenport University Chris Greene Head Coach NO
146 M3 Dordt College Nate van Niejenhuis Head Coach Yes
147 M3 East Carolina University Brent Falcon Head Coach Yes
148 M3 East Carolina University Kelley Smith Team Representative No
149 M3 East Carolina University Zach Johnston Team President No
150 M3 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Jim Lennon Head Coach Yes
151 M3 Florida Atlantic University Tim Frost Head Coach Yes
152 M3 Florida Atlantic University Scott Grosky Assistant Coach No
153 M3 Florida Gulf Coast University Josh Onyschuk Assistant Coach Yes
154 M3 Florida Gulf Coast University Nick Wichmanowski Head Coach No
155 M3 Florida State University Justin Casserly Team President Yes
156 M3 Georgia , University of John Hoos Head Coach Yes
157 M3 Georgia Institute of Technology Paul Gattung Assistant Coach Yes
158 M3 Grand Valley State University Todd Charlesworth Head Coach Yes
159 M3 Holy Cross College Phil O'Connell Head Coach Yes
160 M3 Holy Cross College Sean Johnson Assistant Coach No
161 M3 Hope College Chris Van Timmeren Head Coach Yes
162 M3 Jackson Community College Alex Kimberly Head Coach Yes
163 M3 Jackson Community College Karen Lishinski General Manager No
164 M3 Loyola College Rich Galasso Head Coach Yes
165 M3 Loyola College Sean Gahagan Team President No
166 M3 Middle Tennessee State University Seth Lake Assistant Coach Yes
167 M3 Monmouth University Fred Berzolla Head Coach Yes
168 M3 Monmouth University Randy Walker ? No
169 M3 Neumann College Jim O'Connor Head Coach Yes
170 M3 Neumann College John Rinck Assistant Coach No
171 M3 Northwood University Mike Bailey Assistant Coach Yes
172 M3 Oakland University Shaun Zeldes General Manager Yes
173 M3 Old Dominion University Dan Tucker Head Coach Yes
174 M3 Penn State University - Behrend Chuck Kuzniewski Team Representative Yes
175 M3 Penn State University - Brandywine Paul Gilligan Head Coach Yes
176 M3 Pittsburgh, University of Toki Barron Head Coach Yes
177 M3 Richmond, University of Tom Occhino Head Coach Yes
178 M3 Rutgers-Camden, University of Tom Galambos Commissioner No
179 M3 Saginaw Valley State University Jake Trombley Team President Yes
180 M3 Saginaw Valley State University Brian Jensen Team Representative No
181 M3 Saint Vincent College Tom Holowaty Head Coach Yes
182 M3 Salisbury University A.J. Cloherty Team President Yes
183 M3 Salisbury University Ben Hammock Head Coach No
184 M3 Salisbury University Mike Martineau Vice President No
185 M3 Salisbury University Ken Meyer Assistant Coach No
186 M3 South Florida, University of Jay Jodoin Head Coach Yes
187 M3 South Florida, University of Kevin Castine Assistant Coach No
188 M3 Tennessee, University of Steve Durrigan Head Coach Yes
189 M3 Tennessee, University of Mike Lowrey Assistant Coach No
190 M3 Virginia Commonwealth University Michael Ellison Team President Yes
191 M3 Virginia Commonwealth University Benjamin Turner Vice President No
192 W1 Grand Valley State University Cory Whitaker Head Coach Yes
193 W1 Grand Valley State University Darrell Gregorio Assistant Coach No
194 W1 Liberty University Paul Bloomfield Head Coach Yes
195 W1 Liberty University Scott Bloomfield Assistant Coach No
196 W1 Lindenwood University Vince O'Mara Head Coach Yes
197 W1 Massachusetts, University of Chris Cobb Head Coach Yes
198 W1 Michigan, University of Sue McDowell Asst Coach Yes
199 W1 Ohio State University Jeff Cunningham Head Coach Yes
200 W1 Penn State University Mo Stroemel Head Coach Yes
201 W1 Rhode Island, University of Beth McCann Head Coach Yes
202 W1 Rhode Island, University of Tracy McCann Assistant Coach No
203 W1 Rhode Island, University of Butch Soltys Assistant Coach No
204 W1 St. Cloud State University Brenda Schute Head Coach Yes
205 W2 Saint Scholastica, College of Brian Carl Head Coach Yes
206 W2 Saint Scholastica, College of Andy Ensign Assistant Coach No
207 W2 Smith College Shane Peters Head Coach Yes
208 W2 Smith College Jesslyn Mullet Player Representative No
209 W2 Smith College Gabrielle Merchant Player Representative No
210 W2 South Dakota State University Heath Isaacson Head Coach Yes