Hall of Fame

To:  All ACHA Team Reps
From: Bill Shannon, M1 VP & Hall Of Fame Coordinator
Please give some thought to possible nominees for the ACHA Hall Of Fame.  Up to now most of the nominees have been the original builders and players from the early years, most from National Championship teams.  But there have been many players in recent years who have been great players, with high point totals as forwards or great defensemen and goalies who contributed mightily to their teams.  I am looking for players like this who can be considered for the Hall.  We are going to ask for nominees from you in the fall and if you can make a good case for these folks then we can consider them.  The toughest part will be getting stats on them, I know, but if you can then please do.  Check with your commissioners or league officials to see what they have.  Don’t forget the goalies and coaches as well.  There have been a lot of very good teams that never qualified for nationals with players that can be considered.  These folks should also have done more than just score points, they need to be contributors to the well being of the team, school and community and must be out of the ACHA at the present time to be considered.
Your point of contact is your Division Vice-President for questions or to submit nominations. 

Bill Shannon

Class of 2014 - Now seeking nominations.  Deadline is November 1. CLICK HERE FOR THE NOMINATIONA FORM AND CRITERIA
Class of 2013 - Rich Holdeman and Glenn Detulleo
Class of 2012 - Alon Eizenman
Class of 2011 - Craig McCarthy
Class of 2010 - Will McMahon and Doug Waack
Class of 2009 -
Josh Brandwene
Class of 2008 - Joe Battista and Jesse Hubenschmidt
Class of 2007 - Don Spencer and Tom Keegan