As Warrior has grown dramatically since its inception eight years ago we look forward to enhancing the growth of ACHA hockey. For those that don’t know we are owned by New Balance. With that we have a full line of Warrior footwear available to you as well.

Thank you for your time and be sure to put ACHA in the PO of any orders.

ACHA Suggested Price List


2013 Covert Sticks 2014 Covert LT/ST Sticks

DT1 $155 DT PRO $100

DT2 $138 DT1LT/ST $170

DT3 $95 DT3LT $100

2013 Dynasty Sticks

AX1 $155

AX2 $125

Goalie Sticks:

Swagger $85 Swagger TF2 $63


Krown 360 Helmet only $93 Helmet combo $120


Covert DT2 $65 Bonafide X $75

Above prices are suggested, contact your local retailer or local sales rep. All other categories will be discounted to ACHA members as well. All orders placed should contain the PO ACHA in order for the association to get their rebates.

Sales Reps by State

New England/Eastern NY

Mark Buckley mark.buckley@warrior.com (781)799-3435


Mid Atlantic

Ed Rainey ed.rainey@warrior.com (215)850-1005



Chip Mayer chip.mayer@warrior.com (919)824-6323



Dustin Glebe dustin.glebe@warrior.com (904)599-5232


Michigan, Ohio, Ilinois, Indiana, Western PA. Western NY

Andy Rymsha andy.rymsha@warrior.com (248)798-9810


Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Dakotas

Joe McCartan joe.mccartan@warrior.com (612) 859-9293


Western US CA,WA, TX,OR, NV, UT, AK, HI, ID, MO, WY, CO

Bill Mckay bill.mckay@warrior.com (661)644-9784