2010-2011 USA Hockey Registration Information

Click here for   2011-2012 Team IMR File
To get the    Waiver and Release Form - Contact Ashley Bevan

Registration Directions:

As the coach or team contact we advise you to follow the directions pertaining to this new registration process for this season.  Along with this document you should have received an Excel file and a PDF file.  Both of these files will be explained below.

  • Please fill out the Excel File (Click here for the 2011-2012 Team IMR File) and return to USA Hockey via email at acha@usahockey.org

  • Please fill out the Waiver and Release Form and keep. 


This is the only file to be completed and emailed back to acha@usahockey.org as soon as possible. 

Step 1 – Completely Fill Out

Step 2 – Email to acha@usahockey.org  cc copy to your Divisional Commissioner

Division 1  Brian Moran          Division 2  Mike Radakovich      Division 3  Rick Kaminski

                                Women's Division 1 & 2  Chris Wilk

Step 3 – It is Important to complete and submit this Document once your team is selected and prior to your first game

This document will serve as your vehicle for registration with USA Hockey and should be the only item that you email back to USA Hockey.  Complete information for each Player and Coach needs to be entered on this spreadsheet.   Please do not change the format of the file.  As stated above we would appreciate that you include all information requested to ensure that all team members are covered under USA Hockey Benefits.   You may Roster 30 skaters plus coaches.  If you need to add to the roster during the season make sure to email the additions to acha@usahockey.org.

NOTE: please complete citizenship information for each participant. Select USA, for US citizens, CAN for Canadians or OTH for any other citizenship.


This is a waiver that you will need to print off for each of your team members to sign.  The Waiver and Release form is to be signed by all participants and retained by your team.  This form is mandatory for proper USA Hockey registration and to ensure that all USA Hockey benefits are applicable. 

Step 1 – Everyone signs and the team keeps these for 3 total season.

The team should retain the waivers for the current season and two (2) additional seasons.  Please discard any old waivers and be sure to only use copies of the new waivers enclosed.