ACHA Exceptions to the NCAA Rulebook

The ACHA uses the NCAA Playing Rules for All Divisions of Men's and Women's Ice Hockey, with the following exceptions listed below:

Officials - Teams have the option to also use a 1 referee-2 linesmen system

Spitting = Automatic Game Disqualification

Overtime = 4-on-4 overtime will be played during the regular season whenever an ACHA Division 1 team is the designated home team

Playing Lineup - teams shall be permitted to have the option of dressing a maximum of 18 skaters and three goaltenders or 19 skaters and two goaltenders.

Incidents - An ACHA Incident Report format shall be provided for reporting to the commissioner’s office by fax, mail, or e-mail any incidents involving players, coaches, teams, officials or referees. An Incident Report must be completed for each separate incident and submitted to the commissioner within 48 hours

Officials - All Division 1 teams are to employ a 3 man officiating system

Scoresheets - All Division 1 Teams are required to employ the Three-Official system, with one Referee and two Assistant Referees as outlined in the NCAA Rule Book.

Game Protocol - All Division 1 teams shall have a game protocol sheet available to officials and the visiting team before the start of the game.

Rule books can be purchased by visiting the NCAA Publication page at