2009 Annual Meeting

ACHA Women’s Division Breakout Meeting

Naples, FL    April 26, 2009


Introduction by Chris Wilk


Membership was requested to vote on Beth McCann for the Women’s Vice President position. Beth McCann was elected Women’s Division Vice President


Chris informed the membership that if there are any issues with the functioning of the Commissioner to advise him with constructive emails/communication. He wants to be aware of the functioning of the Commissioner and their role.


Ashley Collier (new Women’s Commissioner) indicated the All American awards were not present at the meeting. Ashley will follow up and get awards out to all of the programs for 2009. Heath with South Dakota State indicated he was still missing All American awards from 2008. Please direct any issues pertaining to the awards to Ashley Collier. 


Ashley Collier will also follow up with Mike Radakovich about the Division 2 All Americans which are not complete. Appropriate action will be taking by the Women’s Commissioner to complete the awards and get out to the teams.



Beth McCann- Rhode Island

Tom Robertson- Robert Morris

Chris Celios- Robert Morris

Rob Blackburn- U of Michigan

Brian Carl- College of St Scholastica

Heath Issacson- South Dakota State University

Cory Whitaker- Grand Valley State

Chris Cobb- Umass

Nick Carpenito- Northeastern

Mo Stroemel- Penn State

Dave Yanko- California University of Pennsylvania

Liberty University

Shane Peters- Smith College

Vince O’Mara- Lindenwood University


Beth recognized of the National Championships and Coach of the Year in the membership breakout.


Beth emphasized that she wanted us to work together and support each other and our growth as a division


Beth called meeting to order.


Motion 1

Rulebook exception on player roster.

Changing the rule to ensure all teams have 10 forwards and 1 goalie to start the game. Mo (Penn State) requested a change be made to skaters (instead of forwards) to ensure compliance with other wording.


This motion only affects Division 1.


Chris with UMass questioned what will happen if a team travels to a game and their opponent does not have 10 players. Will the game be cancelled?

Chris of ACHA commented on adding a fine system- membership did not comment on this process.


Liberty requested dropping the roster minimum to 8 players and 1 goalie.


Beth re-read the rule to membership that a team must roster 8 skaters and 1 goalie to participate in ACHA league games, national tournament or showcase. If you have less than the minimum number- the game will not count towards ranking (game does not count).

NCAA rules state a bench minor or a forfeit if protested.


Commissioner will not make determination on “if it is a game”- the rules will determine the consequence and if a game counts or not.


Vince of Lindenwood called the question. Chris of UMass seconded.

Tom of Robert Morris motioned- Vince of Lindenwood second for the revised wording of Motion 1.

9 all in favor

Agenda item passed.


Paul Hebert (M2 Vice President) came to the meeting. He brought a guest-Jim Tibbets- who has input on the select team process for the ACHA. Jim provided background on his coaching experience.


Beth did indicate that the ACHA has been working for 4 years to the ACHA women’s members considered for the World University Games.


Motion 2

Beth reviewed the items about the length of the periods. Vince of Lindenwood submitted the proposal and indicated he was willing to add an amendment about the 17 minute periods. All league playoffs, national tournaments and showcases would be 20 minute periods.


Concern from Rob (University of Michigan) that playing league games at 17 minutes and having 20 minute periods in tournaments would mean an increase of 9 minutes per game which would be a challenge.


Beth re-read the motion to read- “20 minute periods in all Division 1 league playoffs, national tournaments and showcases


Tom (Robert Morris) motioned to accept, Mo (Penn State) seconded.


8 accept- 1 no- 1 abstain


Motion 3

Rules of Play for overtime.

5 minute overtime with 4 on 4. Mo (Penn State) indicated the rule on the overtime is included in the general ACHA manual. Chris Wilk indicated the 5 minute 4 on 4 is standard across the board (all divisions).


Women’s Commissioner will send an email to all women’s members indicating the overtime requirements.


Vince (Lindenwood) asked what the penalty if a team refuses to play the required overtime. The ruling would be a team would be forfeited.


Chris Wilk of the ACHA provided a suggestion that the discussion about the curfew needed to be brought forward at the beginning of the game. Teams will need to provide the curfew requirement to the commissioner.


Mo (Penn State) suggested including a box on the game sheets (and website) that indicate the game was under a curfew.


If a curfew is being played and the time runs out due to curfew- the game will end and the information will be forwarded to the commissioner.


Vince (Lindenwood) motioned to move on since it is already in- Chris (UMass) seconded.


No need to vote since the ruling is already in place for the entire ACHA.


Motion 4

No shoot out for the women’s program. Tom (Robert Morris) did ask if shoot outs were outlawed. They are not outlawed but will not be the recognized system for entering games for wins & losses.


No vote since we previously discussed the overtime ruling which is standard across all divisions in ACHA.





Motion 5

Required minimum number of games. Shane (Smith College) was concerned that movement to this number of games might limit the ability of Division 2 teams to move up to Division 1.


Tom (Robert Morris) indicated we need to make some tough decisions to ensure we move up and continue to move forward as an association. We need to be more creative with our scheduling (especially with teams like U of Colorado).


Cory (Grand Valley State) was concerned about teams not wanting to play games with other divisions if it adversely effected their ability to make the national event.


Vince (Lindenwood) suggested that we add wording to the motion to include games across all divisions and have them count toward your minimum number of games.


Brian Carl (College of St Scholastica) did not approve of this adjustment due to the limitations of the budget and the ability to find 6 teams around them to play to meet the minimum.


Final wording on the motion- ACHA Women’s Division 1 teams need only to compete in a minimum of 12 games (at least 10 games against other ACHA Women’s Division 1 teams) to be eligible for the National Tournament. The remaining 2 games of the 12 can be against other ACHA teams including Division 2. A minimum of 6 different ACHA teams must be played to be eligible for the National Tournament. 


Rob (Univ of Michigan) called to vote. Vince (Lindenwood) seconded.


All favor 9, no opposition.


Motion 6

2010 Tournament format. Chris Wilk (ACHA) provided background and has indicated that the ACHA board has put the financial needs back on the division. All finances are going to be the responsibility of the divisions. Currently over budget for national tournament.


Only income is $7500 for the USA Hockey stipend.


Mo (Penn State) – stipend does not show up under the women’s budget (Chris indicated it did not show since it was a pass through). Only have 17 teams in the Division in his division- 12 teams seems outrageous. Redistrict into east & west. 8 teams (including the host)- pool play with a guarantee of 3 games and pull out the top 2 for a national championship.


Tom (Robert Morris)- brought up some challenges with the budget discrepancies in the budget provided by Brian and the costs of the program. Chris Wilk (ACHA) indicated the division is short by $3800 for the national tournament.


Heath (host representative from South Dakota State University) said they were flexible with the format of the tournament. They built in some room in hosting if there were changes to the format.


Shane (Smith College) asked about the budget and indicated the numbers provided are the estimates for running the event.


Beth proposed 8- Division 1 teams and 4- Division 2 teams.

8 team round robin with no consolation in Division 1- top 2 teams from each division will play for the national tournament.

Add the inclusion of a semi final game (crossover from each pool to add the semi final) from Rob (University of Michigan) and wanted to make sure we could change the format if teams add

Chris (UMass) feels dropping to 8 teams will limit the advancement of the D2 teams.


Motion to call Chris (UMass) and second Tom (Robert Morris).

8 in favor and none opposed.


4 team round robin with no consolation in Division 2

Dave (Cal Penn) feels we need to move 8 teams and follow the same new format as the new Division 1 tournament.


Shane (Smith College) feels we need to be fiscally responsible and feels the Division 2 tournament needs to be smaller to provide inspiration to move to Div 1. Shane proposes a 6 team national tournament.


6 team division plays pool play for their 2 games- bottom team from each division plays each other to ensure 3 games. Top 2 play cross over in semi final and top 2 play for national tournament.


Current tournament format does not include an auto bid. Chris Wilk indicated we need to have an auto bid for South Dakota.


Shane (Smith College) proposed 6 team tournament. 10 games in format. Guaranteed 3 games for each team.


Brian (College of St Scholastica) motioned. Heath (SDSU) seconded.

5 in favor- none opposed.


Chris indicated commissioner with the rules group from each division to verify rules for tiebreakers for the national tournament.


Motion 7

Site selection for 2011 will be worked through the commissioner, vice president and membership. No sites have been presented for 2011. Email vote is allowed for the site selection for 2011.

Beth was concerned that an email vote may sway the selection with auto bids on the line.


Amendment will be changed to included decision of the tournament site (if none submitted)


Mo (Penn State) accepted that the proposal as is currently written. Mo (Penn State) makes motion. Vince (Lindenwood) seconded.

12 in favor, none opposed, none abstained.

Ashley (Women’s Commissioner) requested members to advise her if they would be interested in hosting in 2011. It will help expedite the process for the next tournament.


Shane (referee in charge) stopped in to discuss the referee aspect.

Big theme was participation.

Participation in the ACHA referee program is the worse in the women’s division. Coaches and managers need to be insistent to these officiating groups that they complete the ACHA training.


Shane reviewed the process of the materials and training provided to officials in relation to the ACHA.


Women’s membership brought forward concerns about the officials working the national tournament. Members were concerned about the quality of officials coming to the tournament. Shane indicated they have been hand picked by USA Hockey. Women’s teams felt they wanted to get officials who have worked their games prior to the national event.


Beth indicated we would like to get quality officials at games whether they are female or not. Shane feels we need to make sure we word this correctly to USA Hockey because we need to make sure we grow the sport (the sport and officials). Teams want quality instead of specific gendered officials.


Shane would like to suggest that we turn the officials’ assignment over the local group if a tournament is hosted in a community and not utilize so many officials from USA Hockey.


Shane indicated if teams had outstanding officials work their games to get this information to Shane Hanlon so he can share with USA Hockey.


Motion 8

Letter of intents for National Tournament are due when rosters & schedules are submitted at the beginning at the year.

Beth submitted the proposal so teams are not utilizing resources to play teams who have no intention to play in the national event.


Cory (Grand Valley State) was concerned that such an early submission of such a letter would limit them because the situation can change with player eligibility, etc. Submission of such a letter after the 1st semester would be better because you will better understand your situation.


Mo (Penn State) asked what the penalty is for breaking the letter of intent.


Chris (UMass) called to motion. Tom (Robert Morris) called second.


Dates will be determined based on the 1st ranking submission (based on division)


12 in favor. None opposed.


Motion 9

Beth indicated this was simply a clarification of the standing rule. This is not changing a rule.


Brian (College of St Scholastica) requested a date/time be added to ensure all rankings are forwarded at this specific time-to ensure the deadline of 22 days is met.


Addition of ACHA showcases will count towards the rankings and if the showcase gets cancelled then latitude will be given to fill those games for ranking purposes.


Commissioner will have the decision making capability of deciding about games and their counting for ranking.



New Business

ACHA National Selects Information- presented by Beth McCann

Camp will be held at University of Rhode Island.

Location was secured because Beth has priority at her school for camps.

ACHA board has supported this select process/camp.


Input is solicited from all membership on this select process.


Need to determine camp fee & ice fee. Shooting for at least 2 teams but would like to see 4 teams. (30 participants would be ideal)


$500-$600 (just an estimate at this point) to cover ice, room and board.

Participants will have to cover their costs to get the university.


ACHA players only allowed at the camp.


There was a discussion to include incoming freshman into this camp to be allowed to participate and grow the program. A vote was taken to include freshman by the membership. All members voted in favor of including freshman.


Mo (Penn State) wants to ensure that the opportunity is still open to the upper classmen to ensure the opportunity to provide leadership.


Membership is in favor of promoting this Select program. Beth did re-iterate that the camp can move around and get more people involved across all divisions.


Sign up sheet, profile sheet will be forwarded to all membership in women’s division.

Can look to post on the website.


Tabling the bids for 2011- Commissioner will send out information on the 2011 bid interest via email next week to all members.  Currently have no interested parties.


2010 tournament in South Dakota will start on March 10- March 14, 2010.


Tom (Robert Morris)- made a request to expect at the national tournament (players announcement, national anthems, etc). Women’s Commissioner will follow up with tournament management at SDSU about the tournament and to date progress.


Heath (South Dakota State University) presented a little information on the National Tournament.

Joint tournament between BISA and SDSU. All of the BISA people are helping run the tournament (penalty box management, etc).


2 sheets of ice with joint spectator areas. Pro Shop on site to assist. Restaurant is on site. Multi locker rooms will be available.


Banquet needs to be a provision at this 2010 National Tournament. Signage needs to be onsite to provide the appropriate look for the venue.


Important elements for the 2010 event- look of the tournament and positive experience for all teams attending (starting at arrivals at airport)




Mo (Penn State) brought forward concerns about the need to split the divisions on the operation level (with the addition of a new vice president). Table for 2010 meeting.


Mo (Penn State) is concerned about the slate of nominees for positions. The floor should be open to collect additional nominees. Are we following Robert’s rules of order? Women’s Commissioner will follow up on the voting process and forward the information to the membership on the results.


Mo (Penn State) is upset that items submitted for consideration are eliminated from the agenda for discussion. Rankings system should be voted on at all levels. If you don’t vote- then you are taking off the voting committee. Item to be considered for the 2010 meeting. 


ACHA Showcase going again to be considered. Women’s Commissioner indicated a national showcase may be put in place for all divisions in the ACHA. If no such national showcase comes together the women’s division will consider putting together a showcase.


Women’s Commissioner will forward contact information (address, phone number(s) and email) to all members in a couple of weeks via email. Need to wait a bit to ensure ACHA hockey email address is fully operational.


Shane (Smith College) indicated some W2 teams were concerned about the merging of the divisions back into 1. Shane received 80% response from WD2 teams and the majority opposed the idea. WD2 teams needs to be massaged more to get the follow up.


Motion to adjourn by Chris (UMass). Second by Nick (Northeastern).

All in favor


Meeting ended at 12:05pm EST.