Schute garners W1 Coach of the Year honors


SCSU's Brenda Schute

Second-year coach Brenda Schute has made a big impact on both her team and the ACHA Women's Division. Schute was recently named Coach of the Year for the Women's Division I.

Brenda played at St. Cloud State University on the club hockey team for three years. While playing she was the team president and captain for 2 years and helped bring the team to a more competitive level. All three years Schute played, the team made it to the national championships where the team placed 1st, 2nd and 7th place respectively. 
Schute graduated from St. Cloud State University in May of 2005, with her undergraduate degree in Recreation Administration, Sports Management, and Outdoor Education. Schute is currently working at a group home with troubled youth, refereeing youth sports, and going back to school to get a masters degree in Recreation Administration and Sports Management.
Schute does not only spend her time coaching hockey at St. Cloud State, she has coached many sports, such as summer hockey leagues, youth church basketball, high school hockey, varsity fast pitch softball, and currently the SCSU Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team. Schute has compiled an overall record of 32 wins 15 losses and 2 ties in two years and has one visit to a national championship.